Privacy Terms

1. Agreement
By agreeing to participate in HispaniSpace’s research services or to become a HispaniSpace panel member, you signify your acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. HispaniSpace hereby reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy, from time to time, and HispaniSpace will post such changes on the website for you to review on a regular basis. Your continued participation in HispaniSpace’s research services, or continued membership as a panel member, after HispaniSpace revises this Privacy Policy constitutes your acceptance of this Privacy Policy, as amended.

2. General
The Terms and Conditions herein govern your membership in any of HispaniSpace LLC’s panels, including without limitation the Panel, any sub-panel(s) of and/or any other panel(s) created, maintained and/or operated by HispaniSpace and/or its affiliates, subsidiaries and/or divisions and to non-panel members participating in a survey(s) offered, provided, hosted, or administered by HispaniSpace. HispaniSpace strives to conform its privacy practices, policies and/or procedures with any and all applicable international, country specific, Federal, state and/or local laws, codes, regulations, and requirements (collectively “Laws”); and the industry codes, standards and regulations of various market and opinion research professional associations and/or organizations, including without limitation the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research and the Code of Standards and Ethics for Survey Research of the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (“CASRO”), with whom HispaniSpace is a member (collectively the “Codes”). HispaniSpace is committed to protecting the security and integrity of all Personal Information (as defined herein) collected by, or disclosed to, HispaniSpace. HispaniSpace will not use any Personal Information for direct marketing or advertising purposes and membership as a panel member and/or participation in any survey(s) are completely voluntary. This Privacy Policy identifies the Personal Information that HispaniSpace collects; how such Personal Information will be used and protected; and your rights.

3. Rights Pertaining to Personal Information
A. Access to Personal Information; Updating Personal Information.
Individuals may access their Personal Information in order to review, correct, or delete any Personal Information by:
-Accessing their individual membership account and following the instructions contained therein;
-Sending an email request to the appropriate member services team for the appropriate HispaniSpace panel.

B. Opting-Out of Panel.
If a panel member desires to end his or her membership with an HispaniSpace panel, such panel member may terminate his or her membership by (a) following the instructions set forth in their membership account, or (b) sending an email request to the appropriate member services team for the appropriate HispaniSpace panel. Upon resignation of panel membership, HispaniSpace will deactivate the applicable membership account and the unredeemed points or credit, the individual will not receive any further survey invitations; although the individual may continue to receive some previously prepared survey invitations for a few days following the termination of membership. HispaniSpace apologizes for any inconvenience. HispaniSpace will retain the Personal Information of a terminating member for an indefinite period of time; however, HispaniSpace will continue to protect such Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

4. Types of Personal Information Collected
The term “Personal Information” includes, without limitation, an individuals’ first and last name, residential address, email address, telephone number, age, gender, and date of birth. HispaniSpace collects Personal Information about panel members during the registration process and collects demographic information, including, without limitation information regarding employment status, hobbies, interests and product ownership (“Demographic Information”) after the registration process. HispaniSpace collects Personal Information and Demographic Information about non-panel members both before and during the non-panel member’s participation in a survey(s).

In the United States, HispaniSpace collects and maintains social security numbers of panel members for tax purposes in connection with incentive fulfillment. Social security numbers are protected as Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and are collected, maintained, used, and disclosed in accordance with applicable Laws.

HispaniSpace may collect the internet protocol address (the “IP Address”) that is publicly available on your computer. The IP Address is not collected for the purpose of tracking or monitoring your activity on the Internet. In non-United States jurisdictions an IP Address may be classified as personal information or personal data under applicable Laws; therefore, to the extent that HispaniSpace collects IP Addresses, HispaniSpace will collect, use, maintain, secure and/or disclose IP Addresses in accordance with applicable Laws.

Individuals may be recruited on behalf of HispaniSpace by HispaniSpace’s partners. The recruitment may occur through websites maintained by HispaniSpace’s partners. The Personal Information collected by HispaniSpace’s partners in connection with the recruitment process will be transferred to HispaniSpace only if the recruited individuals provide written consent to such transfer. HispaniSpace is neither responsible nor liable for the privacy and business practices and procedures of any of HispaniSpace’s partners.

5. Security
Protecting the security and integrity of Personal Information is a high priority of HispaniSpace LLC. HispaniSpace shall maintain commercially reasonable technical, administrative and physical safeguards to protect and secure Personal Information from unauthorized disclosure to, and/or use and/or access by, a third party or third parties.

HispaniSpace’s internal databases that contain Personal Information are password protected and HispaniSpace limits access to such databases to only those HispaniSpace employees and/or agents with a “need-to-know” such Personal Information. Additionally, HispaniSpace’s employees and/or agents are bound by, and agree to comply with, confidentiality obligations and requirements. In the event that a HispaniSpace employee violates his or her confidentiality obligations and restrictions, the employee will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. In the event that an agent of HispaniSpace violates its confidentiality obligations and restrictions, HispaniSpace may terminate the relationship between HispaniSpace and the agent. HispaniSpace reviews, monitors, and evaluates its internal privacy protection system on a regular basis. Personal Information collected regarding panel and non-panel members is stored in secured data centers.

6. Uses of Personal Information
Personal Information is generally used by HispaniSpace for the purpose of contacting and communicating with individuals in connection with their panel membership and/or their participation in a survey(s), and HispaniSpace uses Personal Information and Demographic Information to match survey invitations to individuals. In addition to the permitted uses of Personal Information as set forth in Section 2, above, HispaniSpace collects email addresses to enable HispaniSpace to send email invitations to individuals for participation in upcoming surveys; and HispaniSpace requests Demographic Information including, without limitation, age, gender, date of birth, employment status, hobbies, interests and product ownership, to match individuals with appropriate surveys.

7. Data Sharing of Personal Information
Data and/or information is generally shared with HispaniSpace clients in an aggregated form or format, which does not permit the client to identify individual respondents. HispaniSpace limits the use of Personal Information only for legitimate market research purposes and in accordance with applicable Laws and Codes.

Personal Information is never transferred, disclosed or otherwise shared with any third party or third parties without the prior written consent of the data subject, except as follows:

-In the event that HispaniSpace is required to disclose Personal Information pursuant to any applicable Laws and/or Codes or as required by a valid court or governmental order or subpoena.

-In order to protect the safety of an individual or to protect HispaniSpace’s rights and/or property.

-In the event that an individual signs up for more than one panel or sub-panels owned and/or operated by HispaniSpace; in which case, the panels will disclose, transfer and share the data subjects’ Personal Information among the various panels and/or sub-panels with whom the data subject has registered.

-HispaniSpace may disclose or share Personal Information to authorized and approved agents, consultants, vendors and/or subcontractors of HispaniSpace and/or of HispaniSpace’s clients (individually a “Subcontractor” and collectively the “Subcontractors”) in connection with a Subcontractor’s performance of services for HispaniSpace and/or HispaniSpace’s clients. Prior to performing services, HispaniSpace requires Subcontractors to agree in writing to protect and maintain the security and integrity of the Personal Information disclosed by HispaniSpace and to use the Personal Information only in accordance with the specific purpose for which such Personal Information was disclosed by HispaniSpace.

-HispaniSpace may transfer Personal Information in the event of a merger or an acquisition or a sale of any or all of HispaniSpace’s business assets. In the event of a merger or an acquisition or a sale of any or all of HispaniSpace’s business assets, which includes the transfer of Personal Information, HispaniSpace will require the surviving entity in the case of a merger, or the acquiring entity in the case of an acquisition or sale, to agree in writing to protect and maintain the security and integrity of the transferred Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

-As otherwise permitted pursuant to this Privacy Policy.

8. Cookies
HispaniSpace may set and access cookies on your computer. A cookie is a small data file that a Web site may send to your browser and which may then be stored on your system. We use both session cookies and persistent cookies. For the session cookie, once you close the browser, the cookie terminates. A persistent cookie is a small text file stored on your hard drive for an extended period of time. We use cookie and web beacon technology to track which pages on the HispaniSpace Site our visitors view and which Web browsers and Websites our visitors use. Such targeting cookies which are utilized are intended to measure web viewing for market research purposes only.

If you do not wish to have your activity and browsing behavior tracked by HispaniSpace, you may opt out by contacting our customer support team at You can opt-out from the setting of such cookies by changing your settings within your browser. Furthermore you can set-up your browser so that the browser solicits permission from you each time a cookie is dropped on your device.

9. Links
From time-to-time HispaniSpace may provide panelists and/or respondents with the ability to voluntarily link or connect to websites maintained and/or operated by third parties (“Third Party Websites”). HispaniSpace does not endorse the Third Party Websites or any products or services advertised, offered and/or sold by, through or in connection with the Third Party Websites. The Third Party Websites have not been, and will not be, reviewed by HispaniSpace. HispaniSpace is neither responsible for the privacy practices, policies and/or procedures of the operators of the Third Party Websites nor the content contained on or in the Third Party Websites. HispaniSpace does not make any representations and/or warranties concerning the Third Party Websites; the business and/or privacy practices of any third party or third parties operating or owning the Third Party Websites and/or the products and/or services offered by or through the Third Party Websites.

10. Digital Fingerprinting
In general, digital fingerprinting technologies assign a unique identifier or “Machine-ID” to a user’s computer to identify and track the computer. HispaniSpace will not use digital fingerprinting technology (the “Technology”) to collect Personal Information, or track the online activities, of the user of a computer; and will not disrupt or interfere with the use or control of a computer or alter, modify or change the settings or functionality of a computer. HispaniSpace will use the Technology to assist HispaniSpace’s clients in ensuring the integrity of survey results. The Technology will analyze publicly available information and data obtained from the computer’s web browser and from other publicly available data points, including without limitation the technical settings of the computer, the characteristics of the computer, and the computer’s IP Address, to create a unique identifier assigned to the computer. The unique identifier will be an alpha-numeric id. After creating the unique identifier, HispaniSpace does not retain the information analyzed by the Technology to create the unique identifier. HispaniSpace shall use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the Technology is safe, secure and do not cause undue privacy or data security risks.

11. Children’s Privacy Protection
HispaniSpace believes that it is important to protect the online privacy of children and HispaniSpace encourages parents or guardians to spend time online with their children to participate and monitor their Internet activities. Accordingly, HispaniSpace complies with applicable Laws and Codes pertaining to the protection of Children’s privacy, including without limitation the United States Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, the European Union Data Directive (95/46/EC), to the extent applicable, and all applicable international and country specific laws. For online research conducted within the United States, with children thirteen (13) years of age or younger, HispaniSpace obtains the prior consent of the parents/guardians, prior to commencing with such online research.

12. Passive Mobile Tracking
HispaniSpace LLC uses the Knowy app to collect the following details on your internet and mobile phone behavior:

● Timestamps: all observations are collected with a time stamp
● All information will be storage in ThinkNow servers

Network connection
● Internet Protocol (IP) address: host name and host address, local host address and state
● Determine other device types connected to the same local network
● Bluetooth Connection: address, classes, name, paired/non-paired
● USB Cable: turned on/off and mode
● Network Traffic: connection details, access point, bandwidth
● WLAN connection: SSID, BSSID, connection mode, security mode, signal strength, name
● Cellular Network information: MCC, MNC, LAC, CID
● VPN state: connection requests, time of request, process that initiated or terminated the

Device Information
● Hardware details: make, model, CPU metrics, hardware specifics, registry, configuration
● Unique identifiers: IMEI/IMSI, MAC address
● Software details: Operating system, Anti-virus, programs, applications
● Settings: including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings, airplane mode, screen timeout, display settings,
security lock timeouts
● Battery state: level, type, temperature, voltage, usage per app
● Charger/dock state
● Mobile Profile; type, name, ringing tone, message tone, vibrate, volume, warning and message
● State of the lock screen but not the private key

● Name, version, updates, status, usage, foreground/background, URLs visited
● Music player: track, artist and duration
● Video player: video name, duration
● Browser Traffic: URLs, address, usage, traffic, search strings, response/loading time, cookies
● Videos: audio and video codes, watermarks, signals, tags
● Ad campaign exposure
● File names, types and file sizes, but not the contents of the files
● GPS state, when connected: latitude, longitude, and altitude
● Alarm usage: state, application, repeat condition and expiration time
● Social media usage

13. Enforcement
HispaniSpace is committed to working with individuals to obtain a fair resolution to any complaints or disputes about privacy and Personal Information. HispaniSpace’s commitment to privacy is demonstrated and documented by our internal Privacy Compliance Officer, by our adherence to the applicable Laws and Codes, and by our compliance with the Safe Harbor Principles. Any complaints or concerns about this Privacy Policy should be sent via regular mail, postage prepaid, addressed to:

HispaniSpace, LLC
2100 W. Magnolia Blvd., Suite A/B
Burbank, CA 91506